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Question;Descriptive Statistics;1. The;table below presents data for a sample of people who completed a religious;survey.;Age;Gender;Denomination;Church Attendance;56;1;7;4;46;2;6;5;49;2;6;5;49;1;1;5;27;2;9;5;51;1;4;2;47;2;2;3;67;1;5;4;49;2;2;6;33;1;12;6;55;2;9;5;40;1;7;5;62;1;8;6;47;2;6;3;56;2;9;5;22;1;10;2;50;2;4;5;51;1;10;6;50;1;7;6;43;1;10;3;In;this table, the numbers in the gender, denomination, and church attendance columns;represent the following.;Gender;1.;Male;2.;Female;Denomination;1.;Episcopal;2.;Lutheran;3.;Methodist;4.;Presbyterian;5.;Other mainline Protestant;6.;Baptist;7.;Other Evangelical Protestant;8.;Pentecostal;9.;Charismatic;10.;Non-denominational;11.;Catholic;12.;Other;Church Attendance;1.;less than once a month;2.;once a month;3.;a few times a month;4.;once a week;5.;twice a week;6.;three or more times a week;a.;What is the mean age of this;sample? What is the standard deviation?;b.;Create a frequency;distribution table for denomination.;What is the percentage of people who identify;themselves as Baptist in this sample?;d.;What is the mode of church;attendance? 1. The;results of a recent survey indicate that the average new car costs $23,000;with a standard deviation of $3,500. The price of cars is normally distributed.;a. What;is a Z score for a car with a price of $ 33,000?b. What is a Z score for a car with a price of$30,000?;c. At;what percentile rank is a car that sold for $30,000?1. In;one elementary school, 200 students are tested on the subject of Math and;English. The table below shows the mean and standard deviation for each;subject.;Mean;SD;Math;67;9.58;English;78;12.45;One student?s Math score was 70 and;the same individual?s English score was 84. On which exam did the student do;better? 1. Suppose;you administered an anxiety test to a large sample of people and obtained normally;distributed scores with a mean of 45 and standard deviation of 4. Do not use;web-calculator to answer the following questions. Instead, you need to use the;Z distribution table in Appendix A in Jackson?s book. a. If;Andrew scored 45 on this test. What is his Z score? b. If;Anna scored 30 on this test. What is her Z score? c. If;Bill?s Z score was 1.5, what is his real score on this test?;d. There;are 200 students in a sample. How many of these students will have scores that;fall under the score of 41? 1. The;table below shows Psychology exam scores, Statistics Exam scores, and IQ scores;for a random sample of students. What can you observe in the relationship;between IQ and psychology, psychology and statistics, and IQ and statistics?;Using a web-calculator, obtain the Pearson?s r and coefficient of determination for the following relationships.;a. Between;the IQ and psychology scores b. Between;the IQ and statistics scoresc. Between;the psychology scores and statistics scores.;Student number;IQ;Psychology;Statistics;101;142;49;49;102;100;30;32;103;103;36;38;104;121;44;41;105;120;35;42;106;115;47;43;107;101;37;35;108;109;45;47;109;111;30;43;110;115;49;46;1. In;a study on caffeine and stress, college students indicated how many cups of;coffee they drink per day and their current stress level on a scale of 1 to 10.;The table shows the survey results. Using;a web-calculator, obtain the appropriate correlation coefficients.;Number of cups of coffee;Stress level;3;5;2;3;4;3;6;9;5;4;1;2;7;10;3;5;="msolistparagraph">="msolistparagraphcxspfirst">="msolistparagraphcxspfirst">="msolistparagraphcxspfirst">


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