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Question;Hypothesis Testing;1.University of Maryland is concerned that out of;state students may be receiving lower grades than Maryland students. Two;independent random samples have been selected: 175 observations from population;1 (Out of state students) and 187 from population 2 (Maryland students). The;sample means obtained are X1(bar)=85 and X2(bar)=86. It is known from;previous studies that the population variances are 9.2 and 8.3 respectively.;Using a level of significance of.01, is there evidence that the out of state;students may be receiving lower grades? Fully explain your answer.;Simple Regression;2. A CEO of a large plastics manufacturing company would like;to determine if she should be placing more money allotted in the budget next;year for television advertising of a new baby bottle marketed for controlling;reflux and reducing gas. She wonders whether there is a strong relationship;between the amount of money spent on television advertising for this new baby;bottle called Gentle Bottle and the number of orders received. The;manufacturing process of this baby bottle is very difficult and requires advanced;quality control so the CEO would prefer to generate a stable number of orders.;The cost of advertising is always an important consideration in the phase I;roll-out of a new baby bottle. Data that have been collected over the past 20;months indicate the amount of money spent of television advertising and the;number of orders received.;The use of linear regression is a critical tool for a;manager's decision-making ability. Please carefully read the example below and;try to answer the questions in terms of the problem context. The results are as;follows;Month;Advertising;Cost;Number;of Orders;1;$77,430.00;5,902,000;2;62,620;3,800,000;3;69,580;3,299,000;4;50,670;2,430,000;5;69,180;3,367,000;6;73,140;5,011,000;7;83,370;6,888,000;8;78,880;4,935,000;9;64,990;5,555,000;10;77,230;4,654,000;11;61,380;5,598,000;12;62,900;2,967,000;13;63,270;2,899,000;14;89,190;4,245,000;15;60,030;4,934,000;16;79,210;3,853,000;17;65,770;5,625,000;18;84,530;6,778,000;19;79,760;5,999,000;20;82,640;7,834,000;a. Set up a scatter diagram and calculate the;associated correlation coefficient. Discuss how strong you think the;relationship is between the amount of money spent on television advertising and;the number of orders received. Please use the Correlation procedures within;Excel under Tools > Data Analysis.The Scatterplot can more easily be;generated using the Chart procedure.;NOTE: If you do not have the Data Analysis option under Tools you;must install it. You need to go to Tools select Add-ins and then choose the 2;data toolpak options. It should take about a minute.;b. Assuming there is a statistically significant;relationship, use the least squares method to find the regression equation to predict the advertising costs based on;the number of orders received. Please use the regression procedure within Excel;under Tools > Data Analysis to construct this equation.;c. Interpret the meaning of the slope, b1, in the;regression equation.;d. Predict the monthly advertising cost when the number of;orders is 5,800,000. (Hint: Be very careful with assigning the dependent;variable for this problem);e. Compute the coefficient of determination, r2;and interpret its meaning.;f. Compute the standard error of estimate, and interpret its;meaning.;g. Do you think that the company should use;these results from the regression to base any corporate decisions on??.explain;fullyHypothesis Testing on;Multiple Populations;3.The;ABC Tutoring Director wants to use a new tutorial to teach middle school;students about basic algebraic techniques. As an experiment she randomly;selected 18 students and randomly assigned them to one of three groups which;include either a PowerPoint presentation created by the classroom teachers;WebEx Presentation created by an outside contractor, or a well known tutorial;by the EducTrain company. After completing their assigned tutorial, the;students are given a basic algebraic methods quiz. At the.01;significance level, can she conclude that there is a difference between how;well the different tutorials work for the middle school students?;Students Grades on the Algebraic;Methods Quiz following the Tutorial;PowerPoint Tutorial;WebEx Tutorial;EducTrain Tutorial;88;79;86;94;86;78;91;75;79;88;83;96;98;74;97;84;72;90


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