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Analyzing Quantitative Research




Question;After reading Motivational Effects of Test Scores of Elementary Students (Brown & Walberg, 1993), in a 1-2 page paper, analyze and evaluate the article by answering the following questions;Remember: you are analyzing the article and just because this is the chosen study to work with does not mean that it is excellent.? What are the research question(s) and/or hypotheses?? Describe what data collection methods were used.? Identify the study as experimental or non-experimental. Justify your choice with evidence.;? Do data collection methods match the research question?? Evaluate the author?s discussion and conclusions. Has the author made generalizations that are not supported by the study?s data?;? Describe any ethical issues in the study.;Support your statements with evidence from the required studies and your research. If you need additional help thinking about your article, be sure to read chapter 9 in Understanding Education Research: A Guide to Critical Reading as it will help you to explore the findings section in a quantitative article.;References;Brown, S. M., & Walberg, H. J. (1993). Motivational effects on test scores of elementary students. Journal of Educational Research, 86(3), 133-137.


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