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Question;1. Describe at least four of the five types of prezygotic reproductive barriers. give a brief description of each.;2. Name each phase of mitosis in animal cells and explain what happens during each phase.;3. Each of the four major kinds of plants is associate with four important evolutionary events. What are those events, and which plant type is associated with each event Part B;1. How is a dna molecule replicated? 2. Compare and contrast a hypothesis with a scientific theory?;3. What is the expected phenotype ratio for a cross between two individuals that are heterozygous for a given trait? Use one of Mendel?s pea plant traits as an example.;4. in the human digestive system, where are the villi? Describe villi and briefly explain what they do.;5. Explain the difference between genetic drift and gene flow;6. Where is the diencephalon located in the central nervous system? What relationship does this structure have to hypothalamus and the thalamus? Briefly explain the functions of these glands;7. Species classified in the phylum chordata must have four characteristics at some point in their life cycle. Briefly describe these four features.;8. What are the phases of logistic population growth? Briefly describe each phase. 9. Briefly describe the three types of archaea.;10. What benefit is derived from the mutualism of bacteria and legumes


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