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Exam II BIO 235-A 37-week-old infant was delivered by cesarean section




Question;Exam;II BIO 2351.A;37-week-old infant was delivered by cesarean section and discharged from a;Connecticut hospital when he was 10 days old. Two days later he was lethargic;and had a fever. When he was readmitted to the hospital, he had multiple brain;abscesses caused by Citrobacter diversus. After a prolonged;illness, the baby died. A second infant with a normal pregnancy and delivery;died of C. diversus meningitis after a short illness. Nine infants in;the hospital nursery had umbilical cord colonization by C. diversus.;Environmental cultures were negative for hospital equipment. a.;What is the normal habitat of this gram-negative, facultatively anaerobic;non-endospore-forming, lactose-positive rod? b.Provide;a plan for identifying the source of infection and preventing further;infection. (30 points)Figure 14.42);Salmonella heidelberg gastroenteritis occurred on three cruises aboard;the T.S.S. Festivale. Figure 14.4 shows on-board clinic visits for;diarrheal illness between February 10 and March 3. a. Explain;the incidence pattern shown on the graph.;b.;What are probable modes of;transmission? c.. What;changes would you recommend before the ship books more cruises after March;3?(30 points)3. A 56-year-old;Army officer received a smallpox vaccination at a military vaccination clinic.;Within 2 weeks, a painful ulcer was noted at the vaccination site. Because of;the appearance of an increasing number of peripheral lesions and because of;continued enlargement of the initial ulcer, he was treated. Eventual recovery;was complicated by Pseudomonas sepsis and the need for a skin graft at;the vaccination site. What was the cause of the ulcer and lesions, and what;were the treatments? What caused the Pseudomonas infection? (30 points);4. In the West;Branch Study what are your thoughts on how the investigation was done? It is a classic study. (10 Points)="normaltext">


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