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SCIE 207 Phase 2 Lab Report




Question;Student Sheet;Name;Date;Instructor?s Name;Assignment: SCIE207;Phase 2 Lab Report;Title: Animal and Plant;Cell Structures;Instructions:Your lab report will consist of the completed;tables. Label each structure of the plant and animal cell with its description;and function in the provided tables.;When your lab report is;complete, submit this document to your instructor in your assignment box.;Animal cell: Observe the diagram that shows the components of an;animal cell. Using the textbook and virtual library resources, fill in the;following table;Animal Cell;2.;Plant;cell: Observe the diagram;that shows the major components of a plant cell. Using the textbook and virtual;library resources, fill in the following table;Plant Cell;3.;Questions;to answer;a.;List 3 organelles that;are found in plant cells that are not found in animal cells.;Chloroplast;Cell Wall;Central Vacuole;Because plant cells have;chloroplasts and can do photosynthesis, why do they also need;mitochondria?


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