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SCIE 207 Phase 4 Lab Report Part 2




Question;Student Sheet;Name;Date;Instructor?s Name;Assignment: SCIE207;Phase 4 Lab Report Part 2;Title: Exploring;Endocrine, Circulatory, and Respiratory Systems;Instructions:Your lab report from Part 1 along with the Part;2 activity will serve as a guide to answer the questions and to complete the;tables for the endocrine, cardiovascular (circulatory), and respiratory;systems.;When your lab report is;complete, submit this document to your instructor in your assignment box.;Endocrine System;Question 1:How does the insulin and;glucagon secreted by the pancreas function in glucose metabolism?;2.;Cardiovascular;SystemBlood flows through the;body in two distinct pathways: the pulmonary pathway and the systemic pathway.;The blood flowing in the pulmonary pathway is deoxygenated, and it delivers;this blood to the lungs to be oxygenated again. The blood flowing in the;systemic pathway leaves the lungs full of oxygen and flows through the heart to;be delivered to the body tissues.;Instructions: Complete the following table to demonstrate the;correct order for the pulmonary and systemic circulation as you trace a drop of;blood through the body.;Question 2:How;do the cardiovascular and respiratory system work together to deliver blood to;the body tissues?;3.;Respiratory;SystemExercising is an;activity that requires the actions of multiple body organ systems. Each system;performs its specific tasks, but all of the systems must work together to allow;effective total body function during exercising.;Using the lab activity, observe and record the physiologic changes that occur;during exercising using the following chart;Question 3;The body experiences some stressor like exercise, fright, or emotional stress;whether it is joy or sorrow. There are certain hormones like epinephrine and;norepinephrine that are produced during these stressful events. These hormones;are produced by the adrenal gland, and they will have an effect on the heart;rate and breathing rate. Explain how the hormones produced by the adrenal could;play a role in altering the respiratory and heart rates during exercise.


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