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Explain in details EDTA a is often used in buffer solutions.




Question;Explain in details EDTA a is often used in buffer solutions.Explain in detail why DNA mixture in many is this is is heated at a temperature of 60 to 65?C in that lower or higherDiscuss in details the reason why a protease was used with yeast cells as compared to cheek cells during DNA extraction.Distinguish, in details between spontaneous and induced mutations identify the causes for each.Discuss in details the role and controls which governing the function of an operon in cellular metabolism.Discuss the epigenetic regulation and control of gene expression through protein protein interactions.Discuss in details the impact of mutations on function of an operon.Discuss the mechanisms in detail employed by living cells to combat induction of mutations buy UV radiation and other types of mutagenic agents.One experiment to elucidate the inheritance of flower color in 4 o'clock crossed two plants with pink flowers. In the progeny from this cross there were 42 plants with red flowers, 86 plants with pink flowers and 39 plants with white flowers. Using a chi Square test, determine whether the numbers are closest with Mendelian expectations for incomplete dominance or complete dominance. Hint: two separate chi squares determines which will be calculated.


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