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Experiment 2: Creating a Phylum Key




Question;Experiment 2: Creating a;Phylum Key;Table 2: Phylum;Taxonomic Key;Porifera;Cnidaria;Platyhelminthes;Annelida;Arthropoda;Mollusca;Echinodermata;Chordata;Post-Lab Assessment;1. Were any of the features used in more than one Phyla? If;so, give an example of an organism from each phyla that shares the feature.;2. List three features from Table 1 that describe a Monarch;butterfly (Danaus plexippus)? Using the features you listed, determine;what phyla it is classified in.**********************************************llali) ? Invertebrates and Vertebrates?? ',\,...:? +":f.jlExperiment 2: Creating a Phylum KeyIn this experiment you will take a closer look at the characteristics that describe the eight majorphyla.Table 1 Table 2Procedure1. Table 1 contains all of the main features of the eight major phyla discussed in theIntroduction. Organize and identify which characteristics belong to which phyla in the key. Thenumber of rows in the key repre- sents the number of characteristics that fall into each phylum.2. Record your results in Table 2.Bilateral phy- lum with seg-Most have a calci- Specialized cell, Mantle oftissue covering Five part symmetrymentationum containing shellbut no tissues the bodyHollow body Three tissue layers, Setae used for Jaws and skulls cavity for food no body cavity movement part of evolutionComplete digestive tractParasitesWater flows through The first to have The first phylum canals of body jointed legs to flySome have stinging cellsMore complexBody design is a First muscle andbecause of Tube feet Internal skeleton tube within a tube nervesmore DNAEntrance and exitAll live in the Simple animals with All have verte- Champions of variations in the same in thesea bilateral symmetrydigestive tractbral column appendagesHas the most Have spines cov- Some stationary Some are mobile Some propelusing their species ered with a thin skin polyps medusa siphonMuscular foot Tubular mouth at Hard but flexible bodies Stationary animal Humansused to move the mid-body with small platesSpicules are Their burrowing has affect-Radula used to feed No symmetry Exoskeletonthe skeleton ed the global climate? 335


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