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Lab Exam II BIO230




Question;For Lab Exam II BIO230;(Tamrakar);Isolation: Various methods of isolation, their features, pros and cons;and the appropriate use of each method. Know how to perform serial;dilutions and calculate bacterial concentration in a given sample. Know;the related calculations thoroughly.;Be able to use the calculations and/or techniques of isolation in an experiment.;Understand the technique of steak plate isolation, and how to perform it.;Capsule staining;Acid-fast staining, endospore staining: Understand;the principle of each type of differential staining. Know the procedures;and trouble shootings. If asked, you should be able to perform it;successfully from a given a culture. Be able to recognize a particular;staining if a pre-stained slide is provided.;Control of bacterial;growth:Know the mode of action for each of;the chemicals tested in the lab and how they can be used on microorganisms;of specific characteristics. Be able to design an experiment to evaluate a;chemical?s effectiveness as an antimicrobial. Be able to evaluate the;effectiveness if a set of data from an experiment is provided.;UV: Understand the;mechanism of UV damage. How it can be used for bacterial control. Know how to;test the effectiveness of UV against microbes and factors that may interfere in;its antimicrobial activity.;Conjugation: Know how bacterial conjugation works and the outcome of the;process. Be able to apply the technique in testing genetic material;transfer in bacteria and analyze results from experiments similar to the;one conducted in class.


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