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introduce you to the great variety of organisms on earth.




Question;The discussion forum will introduce you to the great variety of organisms on earth.Directions:Part I - Initial Response (Due by week 2 of the Unit)Please click on "One Species At A Time Podcast" Pick and listen to a podcast of a topic of your interest. Each podcast will last about 5 minutes and you can download the transcript.Please look up more information about the main organism discussed in the podcast and write a report about the organism. Include the scientific name(s) of the organism(s). If there are more than one organism described, please choose only one, but summarize the podcast briefly.Your primary report should address the following points:Brief summary of podcastFull scientific and common name of the organism.Classification of the organism including species, genus, family, order, class, phylum, kingdom and domain.Overview of physical and physiological characteristics200 words or longer and a reference (APA format).Additional Requirements Level of Detail: Only answer needed


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