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Biology Five Questions




Question;1. Begin with the information in DNA, a specific gene. Describe how this genetic information results in the formation of a protein.2. Why are viruses the perfect carriers of healthy genes in the field of gene therapy?3. Pretend you are hiking down through the Grand Canyon or another area rich in fossils. How do the fossils you see provide evidence for Darwins idea of descent with modification, or evolutionary theory? In your response, be sure to define the principles of evolution that support your evidence.4. Based on what you know about the scientific method, choose an animal or plant and explain how you would determine which individuals in a population were best adapted to their environment. What evidence would you need and why? What characteristics would be evidence? Is there a time frame that you would have to take into account? Why or why not? Cite your references.5. Select one of the six reproductive barriers described in your text. What effects do you think that climate change will have on this particular reproductive barrier?Please use a particular species as an example that hasn't already been covered, in your description.Post your primary response and support your statements with references. Your primary post should be at least 125 words or so.


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