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Biol 2204 Human Physiology Homework 9




Question;You must answer these questions in your own words and in detailYou have been hired by McGraw-Hill publishers to prepare figures and tables for the next edition of HumanPhysiology by Stuart Fox. They want you to create figure(s) or table(s) to illustrate the details of the motordivision of the peripheral nervous system. You should include the following concepts in your figure*. You are welcome to add additional terms, such as specific target organsAcetylcholineAdrenal medullaAdrenergic neuronsAdrenergic receptorsAlpha-1 receptorAlpha-2 receptorBeta-1 receptorBeta-2 receptorCardiac muscleCholinergic neuronsCholinergic receptorsCranial nerveEpinephrineExcitatoryGanglionInhibitoryLateral hornMedulla nucleiMuscarinic receptorsNicotinic receptorsNorepinephrineOne-neuron pathwayParasympatheticPostganglionic neuronPreganglionic neuronSkeletal muscleSmooth muscleSomatic motor neuronSympatheticTwo-neuron pathwayVentral horn*Just filling in the definitions does not count as completing this homework you will receive only one point for the entire homework if thats all you turn in! This list is for you to use as your checklist when you complete the figure[s]/table[s] to be sure you didnt forget anything


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