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Question;Introduction to Biology LaboratoryFetal Pig Dissection IUsing the six directional terms from this lab, answer questions 1 - is the location of the mammary papillae?Is the head anterior or posterior to the trunk?Is the umbilical cord, connected medially, or laterally?Name the main organ medial to the lungs.What main organs are located in the thorax?Other than by the presence, or absence of the scrotum, tell how to sex the pig by itsexternal anatomy.7. Name the round gland located ventral to the trachea and posterior to the larynx.8. Where in general would one look to find the epiglottis and the pharynx?9. The caecum lies at the junction of, which two digestive organs?10. What sac-like organ is found in the posterior part of the right lobe of the liver?11. True or false: both sexes have mammary papillae.12. What are the appendages of the pig?13. How can you distinguish the large from the small intestines?14. How can one distinguish the trachea visually?15. Where is the diaphragm located?16. What organ lies in the connective tissue between the stomach and the first part of thesmall intestines?17. Using Table 34-1 on text p. 657, tell how long would you have to walk for exercise to"burn up" the 500 calorie value of a cheeseburger. How long if you studied biology?18. Which food item shown in table 34-1 has the fastest "time to work off" by variousactivities?19. What are the external nares?20. Give one valid reason for doing a dissection of a fetal pig.


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