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BIO Assignment - When conducting health research, investigators




Question;When conducting health research, investigators recognize that commonalities exist within populations. To better understand this, various types of studies can be conducted. When performing a health study, it is important to focus on how the results can be used to improve not only the health of individuals, but also that of the entire population.To begin, access the Disease Detective interactive tool and participate in the investigation that is presented. Reflect on your experience with this mock investigation in your discussion post.Additionally, address the following in your post as it relates to study design:? Explain the differences between observational and experimental study designs.? Why would one be chosen over the other?? What are the advantages and limitations of each?? Explain how study design can affect the validity of conclusions.? Propose a specific research example where you would choose one over the other based on the aim of your study.Your response should be at least 200 words. You must use at least one scholarly source that was published within the last five years, not including the textbook, and is cited in APA format.


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