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CSU BIO1100 Unit 1V Assessment




Question;Natural;Selection;Unit;IV Assessment;Introduction;Scientists;have figured out how to extract DNA from various cells. Extracting DNA is very;important concerning heredity, legal issues, and criminal issues. In this lab;you will simulate collecting human cells and will conduct various virtual;laboratory techniques in order to extract DNA from a human cell.;Objectives;1.;Explain natural selection.;2.;Analyze the progression of disease mutation;or traits based on the theory of natural selection.;3.;Provide the scientific names of various organisms.;Materials;Computer;with internet access;Directions;2.;Read the information on each slide, and;follow the directions on each slide. For this exploration activity, you only;have to conduct the activity using mice.;3.;On screen 2, click on Mice.;Type;all answers directly on the data sheet.;Select;Save As, and use your last name and student ID as a file name.;Upload;the data sheet as a.doc,.docx, or.rtf file when finished.;Questions;1 ? 10 are short answer questions and should be answered in 2 to 3 words or 1;to 2 complete sentences. Each question is worth 3 points for a total of30;points.;1.;What is the scientific name of the common;house mouse? (Make sure you type it correctly.);2.;What color was most of the mice in the;beginning of the activity?;3.;Form a hypothesis as to what you think will;happen (in reference to the mice and fur color) if no cats are allowed in the;granary?;4.;What actually happened to the number of the;mice?;5.;Why do you think what you observed occurred?;6.;Form a hypothesis as to what you think will;happen (in reference to the mice and fur color) when cats are allowed into the;granary?;7.;Why did the number of yellow mice decrease?;8.;What happened to the number of yellow mice;when the granary was painted yellow?;9.;In order for the different numbers of the;mice to change, did the gene for color mutate depending on the presence of the;cat or color of paint?;10.;Did the individual mice present change their;color based on the presence of the cat or color of paint?;Question;11 is an extended response question and should be at least 200 words. Total: 20 points;11.;A few weeks pass, and there are fewer mice;however, you still have some mice in the attic. After a few months, it seems;that there are even more mice than there were to begin with. Why do you have;more mice than you did when you first bought the cat? Why do we not see situations;such as this happening in humans as often as we see them in other organisms?


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