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Question;Lab Part 1;1.;What major;artery branches into the coronary arteries?;2.;What;chamber of the heart pumps oxygen-poor blood to the lungs?;3.;How;large is the average human heart?;4.;What;is the purpose of the sedative that is injected prior to surgery?;5.;Why;is antibacterial soap used to scrub the chest prior to surgery?;6.;Which;member of the surgery team is responsible for assessing how the heart is;functioning during surgery?;7.;What;vein is harvested from the leg to be grafted to the heart?;8.;What;is the name of the membranous sac the encloses the heart?;9.;What;is injected into the heart to stop it from beating?;10. What is the purpose of the drug;protamine?;Lab Part 2;1.;What;is the average blood pressure for females between the ages of 11-17?;2.;Are;all of the females in this group within the optimal blood pressure range?;3.;What;is the medical record number of the female with the highest blood pressure in;this group, and what is her blood pressure?;4.;Overall;what are the risk factors of the females in this group?;5.;Would;you consider that this group of females is relatively healthy in terms of their;blood pressure? Briefly explain your answer?;6.;What;is the average blood pressure for males between the ages of 45-54?;7.;How;many males in this group have hypertension?;8.;What;is the medical record number of the males in this group with the highest blood;pressure? What is his blood pressure?;9.;Overall;what are the risk factors of the males in this group?;10. What advice would you give to the males;to this group in order to attempt to lower their blood pressure?;Lab Part 3;1.;What;kinds of patient samples are used for the purpose of identifying possible;pathogens?;2.;What;is the first thing you must do once you enter the lab ? before you start the;virtual experiment?;3.;What;does PCR do, how does it work, and why is it useful?;4.;How;do you separate the desired DNA from all others?;5.;Why;is it possible to use a DNA sequence to identify bacteria?;6.;What;type of bacteria was isolated from Sample D ? Blood Sample?


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