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CSU BIO1100 Unit V Assessment




Question;Lab Part 1;1.;What;is the IUCN Red List?;2.;What;state did you type in the box?;3.;What;is the scientific name for the organism you picked?;4.;What;is the common name(s) for the organism you picked?;5.;In;which Kingdom is your organism classified?;6.;In;which Phylum is your organism classified?;7.;In;which Class is your organism classified?;8.;\;9.;10. In which Order is your organism;classified?;11. In which Family is your organism;classified?;12. What Red List Category is your organism;classified?;13. Why was this organism classified as;much?;14. What are the major threats to the;organism?;15. What (if anything) is currently being;done to protect the species?;16. What does it matter if this species goes;extinct in your state? In other words, why is it important?;17. In your opinion, can this species be;saved, or is it too late? Briefly explain your answer?;Lab Part 2;1.;What;is the current world population?;2.;What;is the current U.S. population?;3.;Is;the U.S. experiencing more births or more deaths?;4.;Using;what you learned from viewing the Population Growth charts in the Graph;it! exercise above, what type of;population growth is the Unites States experiencing?;5.;Considering;what you know from reading the information in Chapter 13, is our population a;concern? If so, how?;Lab Part 3;1.;What;continent has the largest amount of freshwater available?;2.;It is;very apparent that some continents have more freshwater, however, what really;matters more than just the amount of freshwater?;3.;Which;continent has the highest ratio of available freshwater to population size?;4.;Which;continent has the lowest ratio of available freshwater to population size?;5.;What;other information do you need to know to really determine the amount of water;stress a continent is experiencing?;6.;Which;continents currently have sufficient water to meet the needs of their;populations?;7.;Will;freshwater available per capita remain stable over the next 50 years?;8.;Asia;has a large amount of water resources. Considering the population, is it;currently experiencing a water shortage?;9.;Could;using water resources from one continent help decrease shortages on another?;10. Considering the amounts of available;water per capita, which continent could supply which other continent with water;resources without jeopardizing itself?


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