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Question;Unit 5 Assignment - Chapter 9Genetic Basis of Diseases and Disorders.In this unit, you learned that many human disorders and disease are associated with specific changes in the genome. Your assignment is to submit a two-page paper in APA format that reviews the gene(s) associated with ONE human disorder or disease.Your paper should briefly review the signs and symptoms of the disorders, hereditary pattern, diagnosis, testing, treatments, and prognosis (likely outcome after diagnosis). Most diseases are associated with more than one gene. You should list at least a few of these genes and their chromosome location. For one gene, you should provide additional information on the possible function of the gene if known (e.g. regulates the cell cycle, control muscle contraction, etc.). If the hereditary pattern is complex, you can focus on the hereditary pattern for the specific gene that you chose.Please open the attachment below for information about internet resources that can help you in your research.Unit 5 Assignment - Chapter 10After reading Chapter 10:Answer question 3 of the Critical Thinking questions on page 187 of your textbook. After answering the question, please state whether or not you have had or are willing to have a flu shot, and what are some of the positives/negatives that you can come up with regarding the use of flu shots. Include your resources at the end of the assignment.


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