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Question;? Question;1;1 out of 1 points;The;Dietary Reference Intakes, or DRIs, were developed by the Food and Nutrition;Board to establish a group of energy and nutrient standards in order to make;dietary recommendations. Which of the;following are the standards encompassed by the DRIs?;Selected;Answer;? Question;2;1 out of 1 points;According;to the DRIs, females 19-30 years of age should be consuming 400 ug of folate;per day in order to meet the nutrient needs of nearly all healthy individuals.;Which standard does this represent?;Selected;Answer;? Question;3;1 out of 1 points;An;adequate Intake (AI) of 5 ug of Vitamin D per day for males aged 31-50 has been;established. What does this mean?;Selected;Answer;? Question;4;1 out of 1 points;The;Tolerable Upper Intake, UL, of vitamin A for women 19-70 years old is 3,000 ug;per day, this means that;Selected;Answer;? Question;5;1 out of 1 points;The;Estimated Energy Requirement is part of the DRIs, which establishes the average;daily energy intake of an individual trying to maintain weight. Which characteristics are used to determine;EER?;Selected;Answer;? Question;6;1 out of 1 points;The;Acceptable Macronutrient Distribution Range, or AMDR, indicate ranges of;carbohydrate, fat, and protein intakes that provide adequate amounts of;vitamins and minerals. What is the AMDR;for fat?;Selected;Answer;? Question;7;1 out of 1 points;Matt;consumes a meal that consists of 500 kcals.;He consumed carbohydrates within the AMDR. Which is a possible amount of carbohydrates;that Matt consumed?;Selected;Answer;? Question;8;0 out of 1 points;Which;of the following resources is the current U.S. Dietary Guide for planning;nutritious meals?;Selected;Answer;? Question;9;0 out of 1 points;Foods;can be classified into major food groups according to their natural origins and;key nutrients. To which food group does;butter belong?;Selected;Answer;? Question;10;1 out of 1 points;The;Dietary Guidelines are designed to promote adequate nutritional status and good;health, and to reduce the risk of chronic disease. All of the following are outlined in the;Dietary Guidelines, except?;Selected;Answer;? Question;11;1 out of 1 points;All of;the following are key components of the Dietary Guidelines, except;Selected;Answer;? Question;12;1 out of 1 points;Nutrition;Fact Panels must provide which information?;Selected;Answer;? Question;13;0 out of 1 points;A;food?s label states that it is a ?Good Source of Fiber?. This is an example of a?.;Selected;Answer;? Question;14;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following organ system is responsible for protection and immunity;regulation of body temperature, and vitamin D synthesis?;Selected;Answer;? Question;15;1 out of 1 points;Following;food through digestive tract, which is the proper order of structures?;Selected;Answer;? Question;16;0 out of 1 points;Which;of the following is not secreted by the salivary glands?;Selected;Answer;? Question;17;1 out of 1 points;All of;the following are functions of the stomach, except?;Selected;Answer: Absorption of;carbohydrates;? Question;18;1 out of 1 points;Which;is the correct order for the three sections of the small intestines?;Selected;Answer;? Question;19;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following sections of the digestive tract is responsible for the;majority of digestion and absorption?;Selected;Answer;? Question;20;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following accessory organs secretes digestive enzymes and bicarbonate;ions?;Selected;Answer;? Question;21;1 out of 1 points;June;has recently had her gallbladder removed.;Which macronutrient might she have difficulty digesting if consuming a;lot at one time?;Selected;Answer;? Question;22;0 out of 1 points;Which;structure lining the small intestine has an outer layer of absorptive cells and;increases the surface area in the small intestine?;Selected;Answer;? Question;23;1 out of 1 points;Which;of the following is a function of the bacterial flora that colonizes the large;intestine?;Selected;Answer;? Question;24;0 out of 1 points;Jarod;is a smoker who drinks and takes aspirin for his frequent stress;headaches. Jarod is at a high risk for;which GI disorder?;Selected;Answer;? Question;25;1 out of 1 points;Frequent;chronic heartburn that results in damage to the esophageal lining is?;Selected;Answer


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