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Question;Unit 5 Weekly ProjectFor the Unit 5 project, you will again access your 3-day Dietary Journal data using SuperTracker on the ChooseMyPlate website. This time you will evaluate aspects of your protein consumption.Log onto If possible, open up another browser to access this site, rather than viewing it within Blackboard. Some students have had difficulty logging in within Blackboard. Follow the Unit 5 Project Instructions.For the Unit 5 Project, submit (1) one document which includes your three Food Detail Reports, (1) document with your Food Groups and Calories Report and (1) document with completed answers to the questions found in the instructions document.BIO 150 Nutrition;- Unit 5 Project Instructions (Rev 10/12)?;Access your data from the 3 day food record;you previously entered. ?;Submit your REPORTS and ANSWERS to the questionsGrading 30 points possible: 3 day detail reports;1 document = 10pts, U2 resubmitted report =5pts, Q1=3pt, Q2=3pt, Q3=3pt, Q4=6ptComputer Instructions:1);Enter;the Under ?SuperTracker;Other Tools? on the green menu at the top of the page, select ?SuperTracker?. Then, select the blue, highlighted;?SuperTracker? link.2);On the;top right of the screen you will see ?Create Profile? and ?Login?. Choose ?Login? and enter your User Name and;Password (as determined in U2 project) 3);Now you will need to create REPORTS and SAVE;electronic copies for submission. Go to;?My Reports? on the dark blue menu at the top of the screen. a.;Under;?Food Detail Report? Enter each date;separately and select the following;i.;Under;?Limits? section, select Total Calories, Empty Calories and Solid Fat;ii.;Under;?Nutrients? section, select Protein (g) and Saturated Fat b.;Click;?Create Report? to view on screenc.;Next;select the ?Export Report as WORD? option.;Save to your computer. d.;Next;create and export reports for your other two days, by editing the date. e.;** Please;copy and paste the 3 report charts into a single word document for submission.(15pts)4);Also;re-submit your saved file from Unit 2 project ?Food Groups & Calories;Report.? a.;Be;sure to submit the correct file, and refer to it for answering Question 4.b.;If you;did not save the file, enter the date range for your three days to create a;single 3 day average report. Click on;?Create Report?. Then, export the report;as a PDF document. QUESTIONS.;Submit answers as a word document:1);(3pt) In;the Unit 3 project you compared the average percentage of your calories from;carbohydrate to the recommended AMDR?s.;While this method could also be used to assess your protein, we are;going to look at protein in another way by first calculating your protein needs;based on your current body weight. If;your current weight is not ideal, you may choose to calculate using your ideal;weight.a.;Determine;your RDA for protein using page 212 of textbook. Show;your work. The formula is;Weight in pounds divided by 2.2 = weight in kilograms. Then take weight in kg x 0.8g/kg = your RDA;for protein in grams.2);(3pt) Refer;to your menu totals at the bottom of each day?s Food Detail Report. a.;List the total grams of protein for each day.b.;Calculate and provide your 3 day average;protein gram intake. c.;How;does your 3 day average protein intake compare to your calculated RDA from Q1? (If excessive, please consider the risks of;protein excesses as discussed on Text page 226.)3);(6pts);Refer to your Food Detail Reports.a.;List 3 different items that contributed the;highest amount of solid fat calories and/or highest % of calories from saturated;fat. Identify a healthy;alternative for each item.b.;What;were your high quality or complete protein choices in the three recorded;days? What were your low quality or incomplete protein choices? (Refer;to Text Pg205) 4);(3pts);Refer to your Unit 2 Food Groups & Calories Report, review your ?average;eaten? column. Did you vary your protein choices by including dairy;and all three protein types? If not, which protein area;were you lacking in or consumed zero?;="msonormal">


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