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Question;Unit 6 ProjectFor the Unit 6 project, you will again access your 3-day Dietary Journal data using SuperTracker on the ChooseMyPlate website. This time you will evaluate aspects of your vitamin, mineral and water consumption.Log onto If possible, open up another browser to access this site, rather than viewing it within Blackboard. Some students have had difficulty logging in within Blackboard. Follow the Unit 6 Project InstructionsFor the Unit 6 Project, submit three documents.(1) one which includes your 3 day average Nutrients Report, (1) one with your threeFoodDetail Reports, and (1) withcompleted answers to the questions found in the instructions document.BIO 150 Nutrition;- Unit 6 Project Instructions(Rev 12/12)Submit;your REPORTS and ANSWERS to the questionsGrading 30 points possible: Reports (10pts), Q1=10pt, Q2=5pt, Q3=5ptComputer Instructions:1);Enter;the Under ?SuperTracker;Other Tools? on the green menu at the top of the page, select;?SuperTracker?. Then, select the blue;highlighted ?SuperTracker? link.2);On the;top right of the screen you will see ?Create Profile? and ?Login?. Choose ?Login? and enter your User Name and;Password (as determined in U2 project) 3);Now you will need to create REPORTS and SAVE;electronic copies for submission. Go to;?My Reports? on the dark blue menu at the top of the screen. a.;(5pt) Under;?Nutrients Report? enter the date;range for your three days to create a single 3 day average nutrient;report. ? Click ?Create Report? to view on screen? Look at the ?Status? column, write down all;minerals or vitamins that were ?Over? ? Select the ?Export Report as PDF? option. Save to your computer. b.;(5pt) Under;?Food Detail Report? enter each;date separately.? Under ?Nutrients? section, select sodium.;? Select the ?Export Report as WORD?;option. Save to your computer. ? Next, create and export reports for your;other two days, by editing the date. ? Please copy & paste the three reports;into a single word document.;Save to your computer for submission.QUESTIONS.;Submit answers as a word document:Using your 3 day;average ?Nutrients Report,? review the;?target? & ?status? columns. 1);(10pts);List all minerals and vitamins for which your status was ?Under?;the target recommendation. Be sure to;look at both pages of the report. Identify;one function for each and list two good (food) sources for each;of these nutrients. Select foods which;you would enjoy including in your diet in the future. Please submit in a chart format similar to;below;VITAMIN / MINERAL;FUNCTION;2 FOOD SOURCES;add;rows as needed;2);(5;pts) Unfortunately it is very easy to consume excessive amounts of sodium. a.;Using;your Nutrients Report, identify your sodium status. (Under/OK/Over) b.;Using;your 3 Food Detail Reports, determine your highest three sodium items (three;different foods.) What might you choose;as a similar, yet low sodium substitution for each of these items? Please submit in chart format similar to;below;HIGHEST SODIUM ITEMS;SODIUM mg;SUBSTITUTION;1.;2.;3.;3);(5 pts) The AI;recommendation for daily fluid intake is 13 cups for men and 9 cups for women.;This includes all fluid ounces of beverages and drinking water (1 cup = 8;fluid ounces).a.;Refer;to your food lists on your ?Food Detail Reports.? LIST your fluid intake for;each day and calculate your average. (SHOW;WORK) Did you meet the goal for your;gender?;b.;How;might you improve your beverage choices?;Your answer should consider specific fluid additions, omissions as well;as substitutions where needed. Please consider;plain water, milk, 100% fruit and vegetable juices (especially if you were low;in calcium, vitamin A and vitamin C.) Also;consider changes to empty calorie drinks, alcohol and caffeinated beverages.="msonormal">


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