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UOP PSY 370 Week 3 Discussion Question




Question;First Question:The main types of developmental delays in children include cognitive, emotional, motor skills, vision, and speech. Your textbook addresses "sensory contributions to learning,? and how important these executive processes such as sight, touch, taste, smell, acoustics and emotions are to learning (Jensen, 2008). A child can experience cognitive, emotional, motor skills, vision and speech delays in learning. How does understanding sensory contribution to learning help you develop strategies to teach children with developmental delays? Response 75-100 wordsSecond Question:To create an optimal environment for learning you must consider more than just the furniture. Our brain is influenced by aromas in the room, music playing and even the number of plants that populate the space. Describe a time from your own learning experience that was influenced in either a negative or positive way by the classroom environment. When creating the optimal environment for learning what would you include? Why? Response 75-100 words


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