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BIO 105 Lab 10 Experiment




Question;Lab 10 Name:Complete the following then save with your name and attach to the dropbox for lab 10.Data Tables and Post-Lab AssessmentExperiment 1Post-Lab Questions1. Label each of the arrows in the following slide image:A.B.C.D.2. What is the difference between the rough and smooth endoplasmic reticulum?3. Would an animal cell be able to survive without mitochondria? Why or why not?4. What could you determine about a specimen if you observed a slide image showing the specimen with a cell wall, but no nucleus or mitochondria?5. Hypothesize why parts of a plant, such as the leaves, are green, but other parts, such as the roots, are not. Use scientific reasoning to support your hypothesis.6. Identify three major similarities and differences between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells.7. Where is the DNA housed in a prokaryotic cell? Where is it housed in a eukaryotic cell?8. Identify three structures which provide support and protection in a eukaryotic cell.Experiment 2After completing your cell models answer the following questions:1. Explain how you created your cell model, include a picture of you with your cell models. (5 points)2. What cell structures did you place in the plant cell that you did not place in the animal cell?3. Is there any difference in the structure of the two cells?4. What structures do organisms that lack cell walls have for support?5. How are organelles in a cell like organs in a human body?


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