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Question;Your Full Name;UMUC Biology 102/103;Lab6:Taxonomy;INSTRUCTIONS;?;On your own and without assistance, complete;thisLab;6AnswerSheet electronically;and submit it via theAssignments;Folder by the date listedintheCourse Schedule (underSyllabus).;?;To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the;Laboratory Manuallocated under Course Content.;Read the introduction and the directions for each exercise/experiment carefully;before completing the exercises/experiments and answering the questions.;?;Save your Lab6AnswerSheet in the following format: LastName_Lab6 (e.g., Smith_Lab6).;?;You should submit your documentas a Word (.doc or.docx) or Rich;Text Format (.rtf) file for best compatibility.;Pre-Lab Questions;1. Use the;following classifications to determine which organism is least related out of;the three. Explain your rationale.;2. How has;DNA sequencing affected the science of classifying organisms?;Experiment 1: Dichotomous;Key Practice;Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment;Table 3: Dichotomous;Key Results;Organism;Binomial Name;i;ii;iii;iv;v;vi;vii;viii;ix;xi;xii;xiii;Post-Lab Questions;1. What do you notice about the options of each step as they;go from number one up?;2. How does your answer from Question 1 relate to the Linnaean;classification system?;Experiment 2: Classification;of Organisms;Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment;Table 2: Key;Characteristics of Some Organisms;Organism;Kingdom;Defined Nucleus;Mobile;Cell Wall;Photosynthesis;Unicellular;E. Coli;Yes;Yes;Protozoa;Yes;Yes;No;Yes;Mushroom;Yes;Yes;Sunflower;Yes;Yes;Yes;Yes;Bear;Yes;Yes;Post-Lab Questions;1. Did this series of questions correctly organize each;organism? Why or why not?;2. What additional questions would you ask to further;categorize the items within the kingdoms (Hint: think about other organisms in;the kingdom and what makes them different than the examples used here)?;3. What questions would you have asked instead of the ones;that you answered about when classifying the organisms?


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