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Question;Your Full Name: Hood, Timothy D.;UMUC Biology 102/103;Lab 7: Ecological Interactions;INSTRUCTIONS;?;On your own and without assistance, complete;thisLab;7Answer Sheet electronically;and submit it via theAssignments;Folder by the date listed in theCourse Schedule (underSyllabus).;?;To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the;Laboratory Manual located under Course Content. Read the introduction and the;directions for each exercise/experiment carefully before completing the;exercises/experiments and answering the questions.;?;Save your Lab 7Answer Sheet in the;following format: LastName_Lab7 (e.g.;Smith_Lab7).;?;You should submit your document as a Word (.doc or.docx) or;Rich Text Format (.rtf) file for best compatibility.;Pre-Lab Questions;1.;Would;you expect endangered species to be more frequently generalists or specialists?;Explain your answer.;2.;How;does temperature affect water availability in an ecosystem?;3.;Choose;a species and describe some adaptations that species developed that allow them;to survive in their native habitat.;Experiment 1: Effects of pH on Radish Seed;Germination;Data Tables and Post-Lab Assessment;Table 1: pH and Radish Seed Germination;Stage/Day Observations;Acetic Acid;Sodium Bicarbonate;Water;Initial;pH;1;0/10-NO CHANGE;4/10-SPROUTED;6/10-SPROUTING;2;1/10-SPROUTED;4/10-NO GROWTH;8/10-2 MORE SPROUTING;3;2/10-SPROUTED NO GROWTH;4/10- NO GROWTH;8/10- GROWING;4;2/10-NO GROWTH;4/10-3 GROWING;8/10- NO CHANGE;5;1/10-ONE DEAD;4/10- 2 GROWING;8/10-GROWING;6;1/10-NO CHANGE;3/10-1 GROWING;8/10-GROWING;7;0/10-ALL SEEDS DEAD;2/10-1 GROWING;0.3 CM;8/10-GRQWING;0.6,0.4,0.2,0.4,0.3,0.2,0.3,0.1CM;Post-Lab Questions;1. Compare;and construct a line graph based on the data from Table 1 in the space below.;Place the day on the x axis, and the number of seeds germinated on the y axis.;Be sure to include a title, label the x and y axes, and provide a legend;describing which line corresponds to each plate (e.g., blue = acetic acid;green = sodium bicarbonate, etc?).;2. Was;there any noticeable effect on the germination rate of the radish seeds as a;result of the pH? Compare and contrast the growth rate for the control with the;alkaline and acidic solutions..;3. According;to your results would you say that the radish has a broad pH tolerance? Why or;why not? Use your data to support your answer.;4. Knowing;that acid rain has a pH of 2 - 3 would you conclude that crop species with a;narrow soil pH range are in trouble? Explain why, or why not, using scientific;reasoning. Is acid rain a problem for plant species and crops?;5. Research;and briefly describe a real world example about how acid rain affect plants. Be;sure to demonstrate how pH contributes to the outcome, and proposed solutions;(if any). Descriptions should be approximately 2 - 3 paragraphs. Include at;least three citations (use APA formatting).


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