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Question;Question 1 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;While fishing for King crab in Alaska, a man falls overboard;into the Bering Seas 33 degree Fahrenheit water. He is rescued after only one;minute in the water, but already has moderate hypothermia. Explain the;mechanisms involved in the development of hypothermia, and explain the;pathogenesis of the symptoms this man will be having.;Question 2 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;A man has just had a facial cosmetic surgery. Prior to the;surgery he asked his surgeon if he should expect scarring. The surgeon replied;that the scarring should be minimal because of the type of healing that takes;place in such clean incisions. Discuss the process of primary healing, also;called healing by first intention. Explain why this type of healing is less;likely to scar than secondary healing.;Question 3 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;After receiving several diagnostic examinations, a man is;told that he has systemic hypertension most likely caused by atherosclerosis.;Explain the difference between systemic and pulmonary hypertension. Discuss the;pathogenesis of atherosclerosis and how it leads to hypertension.;Question 4 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;A chronic smoker is diagnosed with emphysema. The patient is;told that the emphysema is impairing his ability to oxygenate his blood.;Explain the pathogenesis of emphysema. Also discuss how emphysema impairs the;exchange of gases in the lungs.;Question 5 of 8 10.0/;12.5 Points;After running a marathon one runner begins having seizures.;You hear the paramedics mention that the seizure was caused by severe metabolic;acidosis. Discuss the mechanisms involved in causing all four basic types of;acid/base imbalance.;Question 6 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;Suzy is being seen by a fertility specialist for;infertility. The physician orders blood hormone testing as a first step in;trying to diagnose the infertility. When the tests come back it turns out that;pituitary insufficiency is the cause. Explain how hyposecretion of pituitary;hormones can lead to infertility..;Question 7 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;A man is having physical therapy to help regain his gait. He;has particular difficulty controlling his left lower limb. When you ask why he;needs this therapy you are told that he had a hemorrhagic stroke. In what area;of the brain was the stroke most likely? Explain the pathogenesis for a;hemorrhagic stroke..;Question 8 of 8 12.5/;12.5 Points;While waiting in line at the department of motor vehicles;you notice that one of the workers stops working on her computer to massage her;wrists. You suspect that she may have carpal tunnel syndrome. Explain the;pathogenesis of entrapment syndromes like carpal tunnel syndrome..


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