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BIOL 101 Study Guide ? Quiz 15




Question;Quiz Preparation Tasks:List and describe three kinds of problems that confound attempts to organize the entire living world for study.Define the terms ?systematics? and ?taxonomy?.Explain how species of organisms are collected into a Genus.Recognize the conventions used for representing scientific names for newly discovered species.Name and order from species upwards the higher levels of classification in the commonly accepted filing system.List and explain the bases on which characteristics are chosen for the classification of living things.List and describe seven basic characteristics used to classify living things.Describe the state of flux in which modern systematic groupings exist.State the contrasting assumptions by which evolutionary and design theorists relate large groups to each other.For ten individual species, identify the large "Group" to which they belong and list major characteristics that place them in that Group.List and describe two fundamental technical problems that promise to confuse classification schemes going forward. Review the classification scheme that places man physically within the Class of the Mammals.Recognize and explain Biblical passages that describe man?s spiritual distinction from the rest of the animal Kingdom. Describe two sequential phases of interaction between organisms and their environment that have existed since God?s creative work began.Name the various zones found in a lake and describe the sorts of life forms found in each.Describe seasonal changes in a lake and how the molecular structure of both water and ice is critical to the survival of lake life forms.


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