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UMUC Biology 102/103 Lab 2: The Chemistry of Life




Question;INSTRUCTIONS:On your own and without assistance, complete this Lab 2 Answer Form electronically and submit it via the Assignments Folder by the date listed on your Course Schedule (under Syllabus).To conduct your laboratory exercises, use the Laboratory Manual that is available in the WebTycho classroom (Reserved Reading or provided by your instructor) or at the eScience Labs Student Portal. Laboratory exercises on your CD may not be updated.Save your Lab2AnswerForm in the following format: LastName_Lab2 (e.g., Smith_Lab2).You should submit your document in a Word (.doc or.docx) or Rich Text Format (.rtf) for best compatibility.Experiment 1: What Household Substances are Acidic or Basic?QuestionsCompare and contrast acids and bases in terms of their H+ ion and OH- ion concentrations.Name two acids and two bases you often use.Experiment 2: The Effect of Surface Area and VolumeQuestions How did the surface area affect the diffusion of the cube? What about the volume? What about the surface area to volume ratio? Which of these had the greatest effect on the diffusion into the cube?How does this experiment demonstrate the need for larger cells to divide?For the three cubes shown below, determine their surface area, volume and surface area to volume ratio. Then, circle the one you believe would be the most efficient and write a summary stating why.


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