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BIO - Pre-Lab Questions (Lab 3)




Question;Pre-Lab 3 Questions Name___________________ Section _________ Score ___/8Read over the lab before coming in to class and answer these questions. Hand them in to the instructor at the beginning of lab.Assign the termphenotype orgenotype to the following:red-heterozygous-dominant-green-What is the purpose of making up a Punnett square?Why don?t the flies we?ll use for this lab have wings?****************************Pre-Lab Questions: Evolutionary Connections labIn an evolutionary tree, what does the trunk represent?What two types of molecules would a molecular biologist study to determine evolutionary relationshipsWhy is it more useful to do a comparison of 3 or more organisms than just two?What will our control organism be in the experiment today?Using Indirect MeasurementsEvolutionary Relationships between Domesticated AnimalsProcedure1. There is a culture dish filled with an agar gel. In this gel you will poke seven holes in a circular pattern with one hole in the middle of the circle. As seen in figure 1 and figure 2.Figure 1.2. After poking the holes, on the bottom of the dish write next to each hole the following.1) Anti for Cow serum antibodies2) D for donkey serum3) G for goat serum4) C for cow serum5) H for horse serum6) S for sheep serum7) C for chicken serum73. Once you?ve completed labeling, pipet 15 uL of the appropriate substance into the proper well.4. Next week we will exam the gels and come up with conclusions. The plates will resemble figure 2.Figure 2.Questions1. Compare the serum proteins from the various mammals in terms of immunological properties. Do you think these properties are a reliable index for studying evolutionary relationships? Explain your answer.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________2. Describe how your results would have been affected if the antiserum was made in rabbits against duck serum proteins.______________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________3. Why is it important to include a cow serum sample along with the other species?___________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________="p0">="p0">="p0">="p0">


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