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DEVRY SCI228 WEEK 1 to week 6 discussions




Question;The Digestive System (graded)Imagine yourself eating a ham and cheese sandwich. What steps take place with regard to digesting the sandwich?Food Safety & Technology (graded)What does food safety and technology have to do with me?week 2Carbohydrates (graded)What role do carbohydrates play in the diet?Nutrition & Physical Activity (graded)What are the benefits of regular physical activity?Lipids (graded)What is the role of fat in the diet?Proteins (graded)What role do proteins play in the body?week 4Fluid and Electrolytes (graded)Why is hydration so important to our survival?Fluid and Electrolyte Disorders (graded)What happens to the body when it is dehydrated?Bone Health (graded)What is the role of the skeletal system?Vitamins: To Take or Not To Take (graded)What are dietary supplements?week 6What is a Healthy Body Weight? (graded)What are the struggles with regard to a healthy body weight?Disordered Eating Behaviors (graded)What causes one to have an eating disorder?


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