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Question;week 7 The Circulatory System (graded);Once nutrients enter the blood supply, they embark on a long voyage through a system of incredible complexity. Blood, vessels, heart--the innumerable cell types that flow from the top of your head to the tip of your toes--these are the issues that we will be discussing in this thread. How are nutrients exchanged? What kinds of elements make up the blood and what are their functions? What is the structure of the heart? How are gases exchanged? And finally...what are some of the consequences of poor diet and lack of exercise on the health of the cardiovascular system?;The Digestive System (graded)Describe the anatomy of the digestive system, the enzymes that play a role in the digestion of food, the major classes of nutrients recovered during the process, and the ways in which the digestive system increases its ability to absorb nutrients. What are some common digestive system disorders? What role does diet play in managing digestive system problems?


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