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Unit 3 Discussion




Question;Unit 3 DiscussionMother Nature uses a ?fail-safe system? to prevent inappropriate activation of the immune system. Provide several examples of this strategy.Read through the following scenario, then answer the questions below: A 2-year old boy presents with high fever and very swollen lymph nodes in the neck. The pediatrician orders a series of viral titers to measure exposure to 3 viruses. Below are the results of IgM and IgG antibody titers.Epstein ?Barr virusIgm negativeIgG negativeCytomegalovirusIgM positiveIgG negativeCoxsackie virusIgM negativeIgG positiveAnswer the following questions and be sure to explain your reasoning:Which virus is this boy currently infected by? Why?Which virus has this boy been infected by in the past? Why?Which virus has the boy never been exposed to? Why?


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