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DeVry SCI 204 Week 6 iLab: Water Pollution and Food/Soil/ Pest Management




Question;1. Explain in detail how the presence of the five species listed below impacts the ecological balance of the Great Lakes in the U.S. (Cite your references.)2. If you were going to build a water purification plant in Lake Michigan, explain how this would be done. Compare and contrast this plant with the building requirements of a water purification plant located in the Red Sea.3.Water Contamination Lab InvestigationOpen the detailed results for each site by clicking on the appropriate button (Site One, Two, Three or Four above) and compare that site to the Lake Michigan Standard that is shown on the left. Based on the data provided for each of the four sites, list the correct contaminant (Oil and Byproducts, Industrial Waste, Sewage, and/or Peat) in the table below.="p0">="p0">


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