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Question;Week 1 Quiz. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following BEST describes biodiversity? Student Answer: The sum of all plants, animals, and microbes on the planet. The kinds of plants and animals in a forest. The kinds of trees and other plants in a forest. Plants and animals but not bacteria. 2. Question: (TCO 1) Concern for the unfair concentration of waste sites and other hazardous activities in areas that are populated by the poor or minorities is Student Answer: sustainable development. sustainable growth. environmental justice. sound science. globalization. 3. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following BEST describes the concept of sustainable development? Student Answer: Meeting human needs today without endangering the needs of future generations. Maximizing the harvest of a resource. Harvesting a resource at a level that does not jeopardize future harvest. Using only renewable resources. Preserving biodiversity. 4. Question: (TCO 1) Which of the following describes a theory? Student Answer: A hypothesis that has been tested and always proves true. An experiment that may or may not be successful. A scientific experiment. An idea that is unproven. Another word for a scientific law. 5. Question: (TCO 1) A grouping of plants, animals, and other organisms interacting with each other and their environment in such a way as to perpetuate the grouping more or less indefinitely is called a/an Student Answer: ecosystem. abiotic community. population. ecotone. species. 6. Question: (TCO 1) A large area on the earth with the same climate and similar vegetation is called a/an: Student Answer: landscape. biome. zone. biotic community. ecosystem. 7. Question: (TCO 3) Hard water contains Student Answer: soft water. minerals such as calcium and magnesium. nitrites and soil. nothing. particular matter. 8. Question: (TCO 3) Plants of the legume (pea/bean) family are important to the nitrogen cycle because they Student Answer: can directly absorb and use nitrogen gas from the air. export nitrogen. allow nitrogen into the food web through nitrogen-fixation. directly convert atmospheric nitrogen into fertilizer. convert nitrates into nitrogen gas. 9. Question: (TCO 3) Which statement is FALSE regarding the nitrogen cycle? Student Answer: The major source is soil. Bacteria drives the cycle. Fertilizer moves it into soil. It is an important characteristic of the carbon cycle. Burning moves nitrogen into the air. 10. Question: (TCO 3) The water table is the boundary between Student Answer: streams and rivers. dry rock and wet rock. oceans and atmosphere. biomass. dry rock and soil.


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