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Biology 124L Fall 2014




Question;Biology 124L Fall 2014;Lab Report 1;Biological Macromolecules;1. What is the;central question you addressed in the experiment that you conducted with your;group?s experimental substance during this lab? (1pt);2. List the four;macromolecule tests used in this lab and describe what a positive result looks;like. For each test, which control substance(s) should result in a positive;test?;3. Which control substance(s);should produce a negative result for;all four macromolecule tests? (1pt);4. Explain why you;ran each macromolecule test on four;control substances (glucose, starch, oil, and protein) first, before testing;your group?s assigned experimental substance.;(1pt);5. Name your group?s experimental substance. Write the;hypotheses and predictions for each;of the four macromolecule tests that you conducted on this substance. (1pt);6. Describe the;experiment you conducted with your group?s experimental substance. You do not;need to list procedural details, but state which macromolecule tests you;performed, and describe the initial and final color of substances in the test;tubes. (1pt);7. For each of the four tests, were the test results for;your group's experimental substance positive or negative? For each hypothesis;regarding the experimental substance, describe the evidence for why your;hypothesis was supported or not supported.;(1pt);8. What are possible;sources of error that could have affected your results? How could you reduce the level of error if;you repeated your experiments? (1pt);9. How might these;experimental methods be applied to address a question in the health or;environmental sciences? (1pt);10. Below are the;results from a macromolecule test performed on several substances. Review the results. Which macromolecule test;was being performed? What conclusions can be drawn about the experimental;substance from these results? (1pt);Material Tested;Color (initial);Color (final);Protein;blue;dark purple;Water;light blue;light blue;Oil (lipid);light blue;(separated);light blue;(separated);Glucose (sugar);light blue;light blue;Starch (polysaccharide);light blue (cloudy);light blue (cloudy);Experimental substance (beef soup);blue;light purple;Biology 124L Fall 2014;Lab Report 1;Biological Macromolecules: Answer Sheet;Please turn in only this answer sheet to your lab instructor. If your answers go beyond 1 page, please;print the pages double-sided.;Due Date;The beginning of your scheduled lab section during the week of September 2nd.;Name;Section;1;2;3;4;5;6;7;8;9;10


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