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Question;We're in Unit 9--the last full week of the term (we still have Unit 10 but this is a short unit and there is no seminar). Almost done! Here what is coming up:Unit 9 Seminar is the Last Seminar this week! focuses on contributions that amateur scientists are making to real, high-level science. Pretty cool stuff.Unit 9 Discussion focuses on the accidental nature of sciences--discoveries aren't always planned, sometimes we stumble upon them.____________________________________________________________________________-Unit 9 ProjectWrite a 1000-word paper where you apply the steps of the Scientific Method to two situations that could occur in your everyday life. For both scenarios, be sure to use terminology from the scientific method (hypothesis, experiment, etc.) while describing how you would address each problem. Remember that scientists are researchers?you should research the problems so that you have sound background on which you base your scientific processes. No matter how much you know about something, you can always learn more.Scenario 1: A child or other family member has a fever? [please think about all the issues that surround an issue like a fever?What is the cause of the fever and how do you find out the cause? What symptoms are involved and how do you measure these symptoms?]Think about the following flowchart in resolving these issues.Flowchart for discoveryScience is a body of knowledge gained using the scientific method. Science isn't a bunch of facts (although facts are important.). Scientific "facts" can be proven wrong through testing. Scientific knowledge is constantly growing and undergoing revision.Scenario 2: Develop your own detailed problem and apply the scientific method to solve it. Your problem should fall within one of the two scenarios:?A problem with an appliance at your homeOR (choose one)?A problem faced at your place of work or school


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