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BS 101 Unit 7 Questions Assignment




Question;a. Briefly discuss how mutations to DNA can occur and what;the effects mutations may cause.;b. Are mutations;?good,? ?bad,? both or ?neutral,? from a biological perspective? Explain your;answer. Research your answer and provide internal citations and a reference;page in proper APA format.;c. Compare and;contrast the processes of replication and transcription (copy/pastes the table;into your document).;PROCESS;WHEN does it;occur?;WHERE in the;cell does it occur?;WHAT exactly is;happening during the process?;What NUCLEOTIDE;BASES are involved?;STARTS WITH?;(DNA or mRNA);ENDS WITH? (DNA;or mRNA);DNA Replication;Transcription;d. Complete the table below reviewing the process of;translation.;PROCESS;What ORGANELLE;is instrumental in the process?;What NUCLEOTIDE;BASES are involved?;STARTS WITH (DNA;or mRNA)?;ENDS with?;Translation


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