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Question;Pamphlet addressing non-scientific community and presentation;Addresses Learning;Outcome;Recognize risk;factors leading to disease and identify preventive measures and;treatments.;This assignment is designed for you to;demonstrate your ability to communicate your knowledge of a disease in the lay;(non-scientific and non-medical) public. You will select and research a unique;chronic or preventable disease during the first two weeks of the course.;Sources for disease-related topics include the National Institutes of Health (, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (, the Mayo Clinic (, and Medline Plus (;Create an informative pamphlet for a;nonscientific community about the chosen chronic or preventable disease. Give a;brief description of the disease, including its symptoms and signs, explain the;effects of the disease on the healthy body function of cellular, tissue, organ;and organ system levels, relating the effects to the observed symptoms.;Analyze the risk factors contributing to the onset of the disease and preventive;steps available to the targeted audience. Describe how a person suffering from;the disease can maintain a desirable quality of life as well as minimize or;slow the progress of the disease. Discuss available diagnostic and therapeutic;tools and possible outcomes of the disease. Describe current research and;possible future reserch directions.;You will post the pamphlet in a;designated discussion conference by the end of week 7. As a presenter and topic;expert, you will be responsible for answering classmates' questions and;reacting to their comments. You will also read classmates' pamphlets and will;have a chance to discuss them during the last week of the class.;At a minimum, your pamphlet should;contain the following required elements;Body;of the pamphlet;Addresses;signs, symptoms;Explains;effects of the disease on healthy body functions, and relates this to;signs and symptoms;Analyzes;risk factors and preventive steps;Describes;maintenance of quality of life;Discusses;diagnostic and therapeutic tools;Explains;expected outcomes and prognosis;Describes;current areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure;Describes;possible future areas of research into prevention, treatment or cure;References;List all references at the end of your;pamphlet. You must use at least five references from credible, scientifically;rigorous sources and cite them using American Psychological Association (APA);style. Two or more references should be from the UMUC Library. The references;cited should be no older than seven years (published 2004 - 2011).;References should be listed on a separate page that does not count toward the;required length of the paper.;Submission;PleaseSAVE your pamphlet as a.pdf;file. I have a lot of trouble opening.docx files and pdf preserves the;original formatting.;PleaseSUBMIT your pdf file toBOTH;Assignments" and to "Content/Course Content/Week 8/Pamphlet;Discussion.;Helpful resources include the;following;Research;skills tutorial?;Online;databases, websites, e-books, and other resources identified by UMUC;librarians as helpful for science students?;Criteria;for evaluating websites?;Guidance;on citing websites, articles, and books?APA citation examples and the APA;tutorial in the Course Content area in our WebTycho classroom;UMUC's;Guide to Writing and Research?;Online;access to writing advisors?;Your grade will depend upon the content;and clarity of your presentation as well as your ability to answer questions;from classmates and the instructor. Keep in mind that longer does not always;mean better. Good writing practices, including the use of correct grammar;punctuation, sentence and paragraph structure, and a clear flow of thought;will account for a portion of your grade.;The entire project is worth up to240 points, according to the rubric below.;30 points for;the Pre-Pamphlet Assignments (Earning 30 points is equivalent to earning;100% on the Pre-pamphlet assignments);200 points for;the Final Pamphlet (Earning 200 points is equivalent to earning 100% on;for the Final Pamphlet assignment);10 points for;the Conference Presentation (Earning 10 points is equivalent to earning;100% on the conference presentation);**IMPORTANT: Please note that rubric;points will be scaled to point allocations listed in the Grading Criteria.


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