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Question;The Skin As a Protective Barrier;As you have learned this week, skin functions as a protective;barrier and is functional in several bodily processes. Your skin helps protect;your body from dehydration and injury, defends against invading bacteria and;viruses, and regulates the body?s temperature. Skin is the largest organ in the;body. In preparation for this week?s Discussion, consider both how the skin;functions and how it acts as a protective barrier.Post by Day 4a response;to the following;?;?;Provide a concise description of;the structure and function of the skin, using molecular and cellular biological;terms as appropriate.;?;?;Discuss;at least one example of recent, published research regarding a health issue or;disease that affects skin or for which skin is a factor, and explain how it can;be applied in public health.;Support;your examples by citing at least one primary research article.


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