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Question;Question 1A couple has a daughter who is color-blind. The mother is not color-blind, but the father is. What is the genotype of the mother for this trait?Answertwo dominant allelesone dominant allele, one recessive allelethree dominant allelesone abnormal Y chromosome, one normal X chromosometwo recessive alleles1 points Question 2Pharmaceutical companies prefer to genetically engineer large animals with human genes because it may be possible to obtain large amounts of the resulting protein from the animals':Answermilk.fur.blood.meat.bones.1 points Question 3Which of the following is not true regarding Tay-Sachs disease?AnswerThis disease is caused by a dominant-lethal allele.Tay-Sachs disease is fairly common among Ashkenazi Jews of Central European descent.Carriers of this disease do not have any symptoms of the disease.Genetic tests are available to determine if an individual is a carrier of the disorder.Symptoms of the disease result from an enzyme deficiency.1 points Question 4Vaccines produced by genetically engineered bacteria contain the antigen(s) of the disease-causing organism, not the organism itself.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 5Which of the following is a problem associated with traditional vaccines as opposed to vaccines produced by transgenic organisms?AnswerTraditional vaccines are always in short supply.Traditional vaccines may result in disease symptoms because they contain killed or weakened organisms.Traditional vaccines can only be given after infection, they cannot prevent infection.Traditional vaccines must be given in larger quantity.Traditional vaccines are more expensive.1 points Question 6Prior to genetic engineering, insulin for humans with insulin-dependent diabetes was extracted from pigs and cattle. Presently insulin is produced by transgenic:Answerhumans.chickens.viruses.bacteria.monkeys.1 points Question 7Alleles are alternative versions of chromosomes.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 8Plasmids are useful to scientists involved in recombinant DNA technology because foreign genes can be inserted into the plasmids and then the plasmids can be inserted back into bacteria.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 9Once a genetic disorder in an adult is treated successfully through gene therapy, it is highly unlikely that the person's children will inherit the gene(s) for the disease.AnswerTrueFalse1 points Question 10Which of the following human traits is an example of codominance?Answersickle-cell anemiavariation in eye colorhuman heightAB blood typeboth A and D1 points Question 11An example of a genotype isAnswerattached earlobes.homozygous dominant.brown hair color.long fingers.blood type AB1 points Question 12What is the significance of crossing-over, independent assortment, and random fertilization?Answeran increase in the number of gametes produced by an individual, thereby increasing the chance that fertilization will occuran increase in the genetic diversity of gametes and zygotesan increase in the number of daughter cells produced by mitosis, thus providing a mechanism for rapidly repairing injured tissuesa decrease in the genetic complexity of living systems, making it more likely that a species will survivea decrease in the amount of time it takes to produce gametes1 points Question 13Bacteria are very important to the genetic engineering industry because:Answerthey reproduce very quickly.they are identical in structure to viruses which are often used as vectors.they cannot become transgenic organisms.they readily take up plasmids containing foreign genes.A and D1 points Question 14Manipulation of the genetic makeup of cells or whole organisms is known asAnswergenetic analysisDNA splicingmolecular biologygenetic engineeringnone of the above1 points Question 15During DNA replication, a _____added to DNA template serves as the beginning site of nucleotide addition.AnswerDNA polymerase5' OH end of sugar group3' OH end of sugar groupprimerpoly A tail


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