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Question;Biology;Discussion;Question 1: Using your;favorite Web search tool, find examples of countries for each population growth;model (rapid, slow, zero). Use examples other than the ones described in the;text or the lecture. What evidence can you find to support your choices? What;problems/challenges/opportunities do these countries face in the next 10?20;years as a result of their particular class of growth?;Question 2: Use the Internet;to find an environmentally related problem that is happening in your area.;Present information about the history behind this problem including what;factors led to its occurring and who might be responsible for it. Share what is;being done to solve the problem and how effective those efforts are. Present;ideas for how you might have handled the situation in the first place to;prevent the problem or what you might do now to help solve it. Be prepared to;discuss the classes of environmental problems that seem to be widespread and;recurring across our country and the world. (Pennsylvania is my area);I need this ASAP, like within the next hour or two for a;decent rate as I do not have much money. This discussion was due days ago;and my mother has been in hospital so I have not been able to complete.;Please include references


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