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EBF - 301 Lesson 5 transport Rate




Question;Go to Kinder Morgan: Natural Gas Pipelines and click on "Informational Postings," then "Tariff." Under "Currently Effective Rates," click on "Rate Schedule FTS Peak." Look at the "Reservation" and "Commodity" Rates for moving gas from the Midcontinent Region to the Market Region. Using the "Lesson 5: Rate Calculations" spreadsheet in the "Lesson Resources" folder in ANGEL, calculate the daily rate per MMBtu.Next, under "General Terms and Conditions," go to Section 26 (Page 483) and review the quality standards set forth by the pipeline. Tie this into the information presented earlier regarding the reasons why raw natural gas is processed. List the following quality specifications.% of O2Water VaporH2S% of NitrogenHydrocarbon dew point


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