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Trident BIO 101 Module 2 Case Assignment - Cell Chemistry




Question;1) Why;are enzymes critical to the function of cells? That is, why not simply let;chemical reaction occur without interference?;2) What;type of molecules are enzymes (i.e., lipids, nucleic acids, etc)?;3) What wavelengths of;light are best suited for use in photosynthesis?;4);Why is photosynthesis critical to nearly every life form, not just plants and;algae?;5);If animals exercise anaerobically (without sufficient oxygen) for an extended;period of time, lactic acid accumulates in their muscles and causes cramping.;In the context of cellular respiration, explain why this phenomenon occurs.;6);Briefly explain the function of ATP synthase and the importance of ATP to all;cells.;7);Why would a typical animal cell lyses (explode) if placed into a container of;plain water?;8);What is the difference between passive and active transport through a cell;membrane? Which method allows a cell to concentrate a substance inside itself?


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