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bio-Bird Flu Research, DNA, and RNA




Question;Bird Flu Research, DNA, and RNA" Please respond to the following:Note: Online students, please respond to one (1) of the following three (3) bulleted items.?Go to one (1) of the Websites listed below to read the article of your choice. Examine the benefits and risks this research poses to society. Indicate if you believe there are more benefits or more risks associated with this research, and give a rationale with your response.- ?Controversial H5N1 bird flu papers published, fuels fears of airborne mutations?- ?The evolution of bird flu and the race to keep up??Examine the differences between DNA and RNA. Explain the main reasons DNA is the most favorable molecule for genetic material and how RNA compares to it in this respect.?Mutations are the original source of genetic variation. Explain how mutations can accumulate in DNA, given that cells have repair systems that fix mispaired nucleotides or breaks in DNA strands. Give an example of a genetic mutation with your response. This is just a discussion.


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