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BIO - M4A1 Create Your Own Bacterial Key




Question;M4A1: Create Your Own Bacterial Key.Throughout the previous modules you have gained information on the methods used to distinguish different bacteria from one another. This activity serves to reinforce the concepts associated with biochemical tests, help you learn the metabolic strategies associated with individual or groups of bacteria, and strengthen your understanding of basic morphological differences. For this assignment, you are to choose one (1) of the groups, either A) oral/respiratory tract pathogens and commensals, or B) urogenital pathogens and commensals or C) gastrointestinal tract pathogens and commensals, and develop a key based on differential staining and culturing, morphology and the suite of biochemical tests available to identify bacteria.A) Typical oral/respiratory tract pathogens and commensals -Streptococcus pneumonia Yersina pestisHaemophilus influenzaStreptococcus viridansStaphylococcus aureusBacillus antracisKlebsiella pneumoniaBordetella pertussisStreptococcus pyogenesChlamydia pneumoniaPsuedomonas aeruginosaMycobacterium tuberculosisMycoplasma pneumoniaeB) Typical urogenital pathogens and commensalsNeisseria gonorrhoeaeStreoticiccus agalactiaeStaphylococcus saprophyticusClostridium perfringensS. pyogenesHaemophilus vaginalisUreaplasma urealyticumTreponema pallidumChlamydia trachomatisSerratia marcescensTrichomonas vaginalisC) Typical gastrointestinal pathogens and commensals -Campylobaacter jejuniEnterobacter faecalisSalmonella typhimurinShigella sonneiEscherichia coliBacillus cereusClostridium perfringensVibrio choleraeC. dificileHelicobacter pyloriAlcaligenes faecalisListeria monocytogenes


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