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University of Florida MICROBIOLO 68 module4 case asigment




Question;Module4;Case assignment;1) Assume the gene for dimples, d, is recessive. Then assume that two;individuals with the genotypes Dd and dd mate. Create a Punnett square for this;mating and state the probability that their offspring will have dimples.;2) Briefly explain epistasis.;3) List the steps of mitosis and briefly describe what happens in;each;4) What is the role of mRNA in the synthesis of proteins?;5) What is an intron?;6) In the process of protein synthesis, what is the difference between;transcription and translation?;7) For animals, what is the advantage of internal fertilization and;what type of species utilize it?;8) What is the reproductive purpose of fruits?;9) What is the genetic advantage of sexual reproduction?


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