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Question;INET LabGenetics Worksheet Report TemplateStudent: Email: Date: For each correctly conducted genetics problem, you receive 5 points for a maximum 20 points. All Punnett squares must be shown.1. There are 3 alleles controlling the ABO blood types. IA and IB are codominant genes so that the combination IAIBproduces the AB blood type. The third allele, (i) is recessive to the other two alleles. Show your work for each cross.Indicate which of these parents could produce the given child.The first one is provided with answers as an example.(HINT: Do not forget that a heterozygous versus a homozygous blood type may yield different results.)a)ParentA x ABChildIBBIAIAIA IAIA IBIAIA IAIA IBIAIBIAIA IAIA IBiIA iIB iProduce Child of Type?NoProduce Child of Type?? Access Learning Systems2b)ParentChildA x OAProduce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?? Access Learning Systems3c)ParentChildA x BOProduce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?d)ParentChildA x ABO? Access Learning Systems4Produce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?? Access Learning Systems5e)ParentChildB x BOProduce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?Produce Child of Type?f)ParentChildAB x ABAProduce Child of Type?? Access Learning Systems62. The allele for albinism (a) is recessive to the allele for normal pigmentation (A). A normally pigmented woman whosefather is an albino marries an albino man whose parents are normal. They have three children, two normal and onealbino. Give the genotypes for each person listed. Prove your answer.8Maternal GrandmotherFather69Maternal GrandfatherMotherChild 187Paternal Grandmother56Paternal Grandfather754143Relationship32#21Child 29Genotype(s)Child 3a) Show the cross of the paternal grandparents. (HINT: What must their genotypes be to produce and albino child?)b) What are the possible genotypes of the maternal grandmother?? Access Learning Systems7? Access Learning Systems8Show the cross of the mother and father.3. In horses, black coat color is influenced by the dominant allele (B), and chestnut coat color by the recessive allele (b).a) What color horse would you use to find out the genotype of a black trotter?b) Give the genotype and phenotype. Show your work and discuss the reason you would know the genotype of the black horse.Possible Allele Pairings with Homozygous Dominant TrotterF1 offspring probabilities:Possible Allele Pairings with Heterozygous TrotterF1 offspring probabilities:Reasoning:? Access Learning Systems94. In Drosophila, the fruit fly, white eyes are determined by a recessive X?linked gene, and the wild?type or normal brick?red eyes are due to its dominant allele. Use symbols of the following types: X rY = a white?eyed male, XRXR = ahomozygous normal red female.a) What offspring can be expected from a cross of a white?eyed male and a homozygous normal female? b) Show the genotypes and list the phenotypes of the F1 offspring.F1 CrossF1 offspring probabilities:MaleFemaleRed?EyedWhite?Eyedc) Now, cross the F1 offspring. Show the genotypes and list the phenotypes of the F 2 offspring.F2 CrossF2 offspring probabilities:MaleRed?EyedWhite?EyedFemale


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