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Question;Question 11. Antibodies directed against HIV can enhance the infection by facilitating entry of virus into immune cells.AnswerTrueFalse2 points Question 21. The most common mode of transmission of HIV worldwide is which of the following (select one)?AnswerA. Sharing of intravenous needlesB. Heterosexual contactC. Blood TransfusionD. Homosexual contact2 points Question 31. Match the role in HIV infection in the concept map below of the following HIV proteins;AnswerBox ARead Answer Items for Question 3;Box BRead Answer Items for Question 3;Box CRead Answer Items for Question 3;Box DRead Answer Items for Question 3;Box ERead Answer Items for Question 3;Box FRead Answer Items for Question 3;Box GRead Answer Items for Question 3;Box HRead Answer Items for Question 3;Box IRead Answer Items for Question 3;Answer1. Integrase2. Rev3. Nef4. GP1205. Tat6. Vpu7. Vpr8. Reverse Transcriptase9. Vif;5 points Question 41. Match the following phases of a HIV infection with their associated symptoms or clinical parameters.AnswerHelper T-cell levels below 200/mlRead Answer Items for Question 4;Steady Decline in Helper T-cell levelsRead Answer Items for Question 4;Elevated levels of Cytoxic T-cellsRead Answer Items for Question 4;Flu-Like SymptomsRead Answer Items for Question 4;Initial infection of memory T-cellsRead Answer Items for Question 4;Highest level of viremiaRead Answer Items for Question 4;AnswerA. Symptomatic Phase/AIDSB. Acute PhaseC. Asymptomatic Phase;3 points Question 51. It is estimated that the genetic diversity of HIV in a single individual exceeds that of the worldwide diversity of Influenza A during a typical pandemic.AnswerTrueFalse2 points Question 61. Individuals infected with HIV are much more likely to develop aggressive cancers such as Kaposi's sarcoma and B-cell lymphoma. Explain why this is the case (4-5 sentences max).AnswerPress Tab to enter the content editor. For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac). In case of HIV, the immune system of the individual is compromised. The HIV infected person is susceptible to many infections because the Helper T cell count becomes low. The B cells which produce antibodies are also affected. In case of Kaposi sarcoma, there is a co-infection with its oncogenic virus.;Path: pWords:0;2 points Question 71. Visit the World Health Organization (WHO) website on HIV/AIDs ( and study the statistics on world wide infections. Fill in the blanks below for the statistic for HIV infection as of the end of 2011.Blank 1 million individuals worldwide have died of AIDs since its discovery in the early 1980s.Blank 2 million individuals die in 2011 from AIDsBlank 3 million individuals worldwide are infected by HIV.Blank 4 million individuals were newly infected with HIV in 2011.Answer2 points Question 81. One of the features of HIV that has made it such a severe global health issue is the fact that it possess an asymptomatic phase that can last many years. Explain in 5-6 sentences why HIV has a long asymptomatic phase and how this has contributed to the severity and spread of the AIDs pandemic.AnswerPress Tab to enter the content editor. For the toolbar, press ALT+F10 (PC) or ALT+FN+F10 (Mac).


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