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BIO145 Marine Biology Lesson 6 Quiz




Question;Question;1;of 25;Which of the following is the group of vertebrates containing the largest number of species?;Mammals;Amphibians;Birds;Fishes;Reptiles;Question;2;of 25;The whale shark feeds on;plankton.;large fishes.;small fishes.;organic matter from the bottom.;bottom-dwelling fishes and clams.;Question;3;of 25;Which of the following is a general characteristic of bony fishes?;Upper lobe of tail is almost always longer than lower lobe;Scales are very small;Gill slits are exposed;Presence of an operculum;Mouth is ventral in position;Question;4;of 25;Which of the following is a particular feature found in bony fishes but absent in cartilaginous fishes?;Scales;Gills;Swim bladder;Pectoral fin;Skeleton;Question;5;of 25;A particular color pattern allowing animals like fishes to blend with their surroundings is called;cryptic coloration.;warning coloration.;defensive color.;countershading.;structural color.;Question;6;of 25;The bright color of many fishes is the result of;countershading.;chromatophores.;disruptive coloration.;warning coloration.;algae that grow on the scales.;Question;7;of 25;The function of arteries in fishes is to;carry oxygenated blood from the heart to the rest of the body.;circulate blood around the gills.;bring blood from the body to the heart.;collect deoxygenated blood from gills.;carry deoxygenated blood from the heart to the brain.;Question;8;of 25;Oxygen is carried in the blood of fishes by what protein?;Hemoglobin;Urea;Salts;Myoglobin;Chloride ions;Question;9;of 25;The counter-current system of flow is involved in;increasing blood flow into gills.;decreasing the time it takes for blood to flow through gills.;increasing the amount of oxygen that diffuses into the blood.;increasing the efficiency of the movement of gills.;increasing heart rate.;Question;10;of 25;What is the purpose of the lateral line in fishes?;Producing sound waves;Seeing particular colors;Detecting vibrations;Carrying blood along skin;Ingestion of food;Question;11;of 25;The nictitating membrane of sharks;produces sound.;detects chemicals in water.;detects vibrations in water.;is involved in digestion.;moves across the eye.;Question;12;of 25;Anadromous fishes migrate;up and down the water column.;from fresh water to reproduce at sea.;from polar regions to the tropics.;from the sea to reproduce in freshwater.;along the Equator to reproduce along the coast.;Question;13;of 25;Which of the following is a synonym of spawning?;Copulation;Internal fertilization;External fertilization;Mating;Courtship;Question;14;of 25;The claspers are structures involved in;copulation.;osmoregulation.;courtship behavior.;detection of vibrations in water.;intake of oxygen by gills.;Question;15;of 25;Ovoviviparous fishes;release eggs, which are then fertilized in the water.;have embryos that take nutrients from the mother's reproductive tract.;release already fertilized but undeveloped eggs.;release sperm in packets.;retain fertilized eggs for development.;Question;16;of 25;Most marine fishes are;live-bearers.;ovoviviparous.;viviparous.;oviparous.;catadromous.;Question;17;of 25;Which of the following is NOT seen in marine reptiles?;Migrations;Internal fertilization;External fertilization;Arribadas;Multiple paternity;Question;18;of 25;Which of these is not a characteristic of sea turtles?;Oviparous;Leave the water to reproduce;Have a shell that is free from the backbone;Are tetrapods;Are "cold-blooded;Question;19;of 25;Temperature dependent sex determination is seen in;sea turtles.;dolphins.;sea lions.;sea otter.;Penguins.;Question;20;of 25;Which of the following is a serious threat for hatched turtles in many parts of the world?;Rocky shorelines;Road construction;Artificial lighting;Too much beach sand;Conservation group efforts;Question;21;of 25;Which marine reptile is the most aggressive and feared by those walking a remote beach in Australia?;Giant iguana;Saltwater crocodile;Green sea turtle;Sea snakes;Loggerhead sea turtle;Question;22;of 25;Fish that begin life as males and then switch to being females are called _______________.;homeotherms;simultaneous hermaphrodites;same sex life-cycles;alternation of generation fish;sequential hermaphrodites;Question;23;of 25;Sea turtles feed mostly on __________________.;small fish;floating jellyfish;seagrasses and seaweeds;other smaller sea turtles;detritus on the bottom of lagoons and bays;Question;24;of 25;Sea turtles return to _____________________ to lay their eggs.;a different beach each year;sheltered coves with rocky beaches;only beaches along the coast of Mexico;sandy beaches where they were born;beaches with resort hotels;Question;25;of 25;All species of marine turtles are;being considered for listing.;threatened.;endangered.;prospering.;extinct.


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